Why Sponsor Ebenezer?

Ebenezer is a proven, independent organisation, competently run, popular and for many years completely self-supporting

Over the years everything we buy has gone up in price, but the ticket price remained the same until very recently. Even now we only raise it when we have a premium speaker or performer. Sponsorship bridges the gap that inflation has wrought rather than passing it onto our guests, some of whom might simply stop coming.

We bring intelligent entertainment into a rural area where there is a marked deficit of this kind of stimulation and we give much more than just a lecture or musical event.

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These are just a few of the Guests who have performed or presented at Ebenezer events over the years:

  • Kate Adie

  • Charles Hazlewood

  • Philip Mansel

We are very lucky that through a combination of contacts and hard work we are able to attract great speakers, authors and performers to come down to Somerset and give us a show.

Value for money is very high, relative to any comparable venue providing comparable events.

Wine, food and a social environment are included in the ticket price. People are encouraged to stay after the show. Very valuable for a mature audience living in a rural area where both public and private provision are slight. We see our guests as participants rather than customers.

Ebenezer grew out of events in a large private house and it retains that warmth & character though it is open to all.

People arrive and are remembered and welcomed. They are able to put forward ideas on speakers and performers and have an impact on what happens. That has always been an important element in how we develop our programme. At an Ebenezer event, members of the community are able to see the community in action and believe in its strength and support.

We are a CIC and in every way we span a gap between the profit-making and the amateur.

Other similar organisations have grown up in the years since we started but, to be frank, we were ahead of the curve for this kind of thing and most of the other organisations founder or function intermittently because they find it’s difficult and a lot of hard work. There really is nothing else like Ebenezer when you consider its longevity, reliability, consistent high standards and the commitment and low-cost ingenuity of those who make it happen year on year.

We have a mailing list of over 8000

This proves how much we are valued but, paradoxically perhaps, this is why we need to develop our publicity. The mailing list is, in a sense, self-replicating: people who already know about us invite people who know someone who already knows about us to come, so it feels like there is some kind of tacit invitation in operation for ‘joining’ Ebenezer.

But this is not the case. We have made a significant capital investment in this website so that more people will know about us. But like all the other capital investments we make – in audio-visual equipment, furniture, blinds etc in order to keep things up to scratch and in-step with regulations – like anything else it’s a cycle of purchase, use, deterioration or obsolescence then replacement. None of it happens by magic.

Ebenezer is well provided for with human investment. It just needs a bit more money! We are very fortunate that there has always been a group of high-end professionals who have furnished us with their expertise and equipment, especially in sound, vision and lights. People often help us out for nothing or at well below their usual rate. Even our accountant is acting, to a degree, pro bono! That is the only way you can come up with professional presentation without becoming profit-making - by people giving. Any sponsor would be investing in an organisation where levels of social investment will always exceed the financial and that’s how we can guarantee that their support & investment will prove worthwhile.

Specific investments a sponsor could help with

  • A camera - so we can film events and make them available on the Web, something we are asked to do before each and every event, often by people who receive publicity material but can’t come because they live far away (eg. a retired professor in Tasmania) or have mobility issues.

  • Improvements to our cinema sound system eg upgrading existing, ancient donated surround sound speakers

Or you could…

  • Sponsor this website for a year

  • Sponsor our email flyers for a year

  • Sponsor the hall rent for a year

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