Sponsors are vital to the future of  Ebenezer Presents

Ebenezer is for Enjoyment, Not Profit

Ebenezer Presents is a Community Interest Company, something between a charity and a limited company. It has run for 13 years purely on goodwill, contacts, donations, ticket fees and the efforts of people who donate their time, expertise and equipment.

In other words, Ebenezer is not a business; it is a social and cultural resource. It exists for the benefit of the people who enjoy gathering together in our muddy, mildly isolated corner of the world. It runs at cost because pleasure in the event is the objective, not profit. 

Ongoing Expenses

Expenses are many, some obvious, others invisible. We pay speakers and performers, purchase wine and food, and give away random goodies laid out on the tables, often themed in some way to the talk or film.

Other costs include rent (which at times is subsidised by the generosity of our hosts, the Seed Factory) but additional bills are always hitting the mat; insurance, accountancy, and periodic updating of equipment that keeps the standard of presentation up to the minute (or just a little bit behind it), and maintains Ebenezer as the social resource it has become. 

There is also this new website, helping us better inform the Ebenezer audience about upcoming events and make booking much easier. Website hosting, and email list expenses are ongoing too. Fortunately, we never pay any tax, but that’s because there’s nothing left over!

Keeping Ticket Prices Low

Even though our expenses have gone up, our prices have changed little. This last year we raised the price to £15 for the occasional high-level talk, which includes the soup, wine and convivial atmosphere – a jolly good deal!  

We want to keep offering the particular and rare (and the silly, the eccentric and the footstomping) at excellent value for money in a region where there are often few options for entertainment or for gathering in a place that supports the luxury of conversation.

Generous sponsorship has kept Ebenezer on an even keel in choppy economic waters. Sponsors help keep booking fees low, allowing us to make events available to a wider audience, not just those who might afford to visit London or Bristol for similar evenings out.

Ebenezer wants, above all, to keep bringing you fine events and films that can’t be found without travelling out of the county and dipping much deeper into one’s wallet while getting quite a bit less. 

Can You Help?

Sponsors come and sponsors go, and we are grateful to every one of them. The level of support we receive continually changes, therefore we must continually seek new sponsorship.

If you or anyone you know would like to assist Ebenezer in continuing and developing, either by Sponsorship or by becoming an annual Friend of Ebenezer, we would be grateful to hear from you with any assistance or advice you may have.

The Ebenezers

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