Audience at a lecture

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t I receiving email flyers when I have joined the mailing list?

This most often occurs in Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, the big, free providers. Their stringent (but perhaps undiscriminating) Spam filters sometimes stop you getting email you actually want as well as stuff you don’t.

If you don’t receive flyers from us, please check in your Spam folder, in your webmail (as if you were in an internet café rather than your home computer). If you find our flyers there, mark them as Not Spam, then add our email address ( to your Contacts in your webmail, not in the email program on your home computer. Hopefully, the spam filter will cease to protect you from knowing about Ebenezer.

If that doesn’t work, please let Ebenezer know by email and we will do what we can. It might turn out there’s nothing we can do, due to unknowable Mysteries of the Internet, but Ebenezer will be sad and you can always keep up to date through this website which some prefer anyway.

Is there disabled access at the Seed Factory?

Absolutely. At the back of the building where there are both a wheelchair slope or 6 stairs. From there, you can enter the Event Space without climbing the building’s internal stairs. If you enter the building this way, please let us know: we will need to collect your entry fee and/or tick you off the seating list. We also may be able to help you find comfortable seating or a more convenient place for your wheelchair.

If you have a particular need (rather than just a preference), for a couch, an armchair or an upright hard seat, please let us know in advance so we can reserve a seat. It may not be at the front!

Is there parking? / Does it cost anything?

Yes, there is / No, it doesn’t. All free. Mostly in the yard of the Seed Factory where you will be assisted by our experienced and friendly parking attendants who donate their time. When there is overflow, there are spaces close by in the village but we park only in particular spots to keep our neighbours happy. We will direct you if needs be. It’s mildly eccentric but it works! And it’s all free.

Do I really need to book? Should I just turn up?

Pre-booking is our system, our only system. Please don’t just turn up. Sometimes all seats are booked and we might not be able to seat you. In fact, we might not be able to let you in at all. Also we buy/prepare food and drink etc around the pre-booked list.

What do I do if I book but can’t come?

Let us know. Please. It is one of the few things that Ebenezer takes exception to, when people book but don’t show up. It prevents us re-allocating seats when we have a waiting list and creates waste of food, drink & (often donated) labour when we have fewer than expected. Poor form. Naughty.

How do I pay?

Well, the simple answer is, cash on the door. Ebenezer does not much like cheques, considering them both new-fangled, old-fangled and, in all cases, a nuisance. But he can be cajoled into accepting one if entertained with an implausible sob story.

We are in the process of developing online payment so you can pre-book through the website and pay by card or by BACS. When the website is ready to handle this, it will be vividly apparent.

Is supper included?

Yes. And the first glass of wine or beer. Only further drinks are paid for.

What happens after the talk?

Supper, mooching about, conversation, the odd glass or two. Unlike other venues, nobody wants you to leave and the Event Room becomes a social space. Mostly, the speaker remains and people go and chat to him/her.

Can I reserve a particular seat, the one I had/didn’t have last time? The one with the...

No, sorry, no.