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Become a Friend of Ebenezer

Friends of Ebenezer contribute £25 annually to help with ongoing event expenses.

What is a Friend of Ebenezer? Why does Ebenezer need ‘Friends’? How do I become one?

Becoming a Friend of Ebenezer is an easy and fun way to support Ebenezer in bringing cultural events to the community in Somerset.

Ebenezer is not a business; it’s a community of friends who come together for the love of making something interesting and fun happen and getting as many people as possible involved.

It is mainly run by Tony Anderson, Sarah Constantinides & Martin Keeley who give much of their time to keeping the show on the road, investing the care and attention all year round that any organisation needs. We are generously supported by Wanda Holdsworth in the kitchen, Marie-Louise & Justin Chittenden who own the Seed Factory, and Rupert Little who does the lights and helps with technical stuff. There are many other people regularly involved as well, local people who donate their time.

So it is a community action to create action in the community, and it runs at cost (and beyond) rather than to make a profit. Becoming a Friend of Ebenezer is simply a way of making a contribution in a more personal way of keeping the show on the road.

And what do you get in return? Other than ensuring that Ebenezer will be able to book interesting speakers and surprising acts, that it will continue brightening the cultural landscape in Somerset and give people something interesting to do….? Not a huge amount that you don’t get already. Your name will be on a list and we will know that you helped things along, and you will know too. Also, we will cut you a deal when we throw one of our Christmas or Midsummer fandangos so you feel more than averagely welcome. How’s that?

Soon we’re going to create an Ebenezer mug and every Friend of Ebenezer will get one! Hurrah!

Friends of Ebenezer will soon be able to donate on this website, until our online payment facility is ready, please email us:

Thank you for your support.