Tell me the Planets: Journeys into the Human Brain with Ben Platts-Mills


Tell me the Planets: Astonishing journeys into the human brain with Ben Platts-Mills

The Ebenezers are delighted to welcome Ben Platts-Mills for this extraordinary journey into the mysteries of the human brain.

In his newly published book, Tell Me the Planets, Ben tells stories about his work with survivors of brain injury, offering a rare glimpse into the world as seen through their eyes: charismatic Danny, whose criminal past has left him paralysed down one side, but who now helps others worse off than himself; Sid, whose memory for the present lasts only moments; and Liah, who is caught in a battle with the care system threatening to make her homeless.

But above all this is the story of the extraordinary friendship between Ben and Matthew, following their attempts to discover what has happened to Matthew's brain and how he might begin to rebuild his life. It is a journey that takes them to the frontiers of science and to the limits of human resilience...

When Matthew underwent surgery to remove a life-threatening cyst in the middle of his brain, he was left with a difficulty forming new memories and with a tendency to confabulate - to 'remember', with absolute conviction, events that have not occurred. When his cyst starts growing again, Matthew is left with an impossible decision to make.

And Matthew will be here at the Ebenezer tonight in discussion with Ben.

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Ben Platts Mills

Ben Platts-Mills

Having grown up in Somerset and studied psychology at Edinburgh, Ben moved to London and began work for Headway.

Ben met people from every corner of the globe, each of whom was living with complex, sometimes baffling disabilities. He also witnessed how disabled people were being made vulnerable by the systems that were supposed to protect them, and how disability was often the result of social injustice.

Ben has helped to develop Headway's services and build a team of over 600.. Headway's centre in Hackney now offers survivors ('members') a place to socialise, use therapies, participate in creative projects and help to raise public awareness of brain injury.

Ben now works as Headway's Director of Development, leading on communications and fundraising and helping to develop strategy for the future, as well working alongside survivors in representing the organisation.

Ben will be signing copies of his book and a proportion of all monies raised from the books and the ticket price will be donated to HEADWAY.

Cover of book, Tell Me the Planets
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