Massive Eruptions, with Prof. Sir Steve Sparks

One of the world’s leading Volcanologists, Professor Steve Sparks, for this explosively illustrated talk

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Over 50 eruptions rock the planet each year. With awful rumblings in Bali at the moment and the chaos caused by the Icelandic eruption of **Eyjafjallajökull** in 2010 still fresh in the mind, the spectacular violence of the forces beneath both horrify and amaze.

In this Ebenezer lecture, Prof Steve will tell the story of some of the massive eruptions that have shattered and shaped our world, and explain the environmental effects that could threaten the fabric of civilisation were they to occur today.


Prof. Sir Steve Sparks

Professor Sparks, elected to the Royal Society at a staggeringly youthful 38, is one of the world’s most distinguished volcanologists. He has been hugely influential: from the Caribbean to Iceland to the Andes, he has spent a lifetime studying volcanoes. As a professor of geology at the University of Bristol for more than 20 years, Steve Sparks has devoted much of his time to figuring out where the next eruption will occur and how to respond to it. For his work on improving our ability to see deadly eruptions coming, he received the Vetlesen Prize – considered the Nobel Prize of Earth Sciences.

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