Fairy Tales for Grown-ups, performed by Ben Haggerty

Dark, beautiful and startling by turn, this is a story of dreams, initiations and the repayment of debts

The Times: ‘I was spellbound -- I don't use the word lightly!’

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Strongly reviewed in the national press for his dynamic and challenging performances, Ben Haggarty will lure you into the richly metaphorical world of a full-blooded fairytale for grown-ups.

Join a journey from innocence to experience which delves into a disconcertingly familiar narrative world. Ben Haggarty performs with infectious charm and ease - fierce, fast paced, and unashamedly magical.

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Ben Haggerty

Having been trained in mime, and in theatre direction at East 15, and apprenticed as an image-maker with Welfare State, Ben is a world-class performance storyteller, whose work delights audiences across the English-speaking world. He tours widely, has been a guest artist in over one hundred International Storytelling Festivals in 25 countries and since 2001 has been the official storyteller with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. Ben is a much sought after teacher and director of storytellers and artistic director of the legendary Crick Crack Club. He is Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin (UDK). His graphic novel, ‘MeZolith’ was published by Random House in 2010.

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The New Statesman: ‘.. and what a story this one was – it unravelled itself mischievously in Haggarty’s quietly skilful telling’

The Independent: ‘Haggarty tells his stories with enormous relish and gusto.’

The Times: ‘Haggarty’s telling is an adroit mixture of the imposingly epic and the reassuringly rhythmic, tempered by a twinkle that admits to the story’s heightened nature, without mocking it’

The Times: ‘He knows how to harness the audience’s imagination offering up the story’s epic twists and turns in a way that animates them without over selling them’

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