Bafta and Emmy-winning TRAFFIK, with its Bafta-winning director, Alastair Reid

TRAFFIK (1989)

Winner of 7 BAFTAS, EMMY for International Best Drama. Introduced by Alastair Reid, its BAFTA and Cannes-winning director, in person.


BAFTAS: Best Drama. Best Cameraman. Best Editor. Best Design. Best Sound. Best Original TV music.

FIPA D'OR, CANNES:** Best Drama. Best Director - Alastair Reid

EMMY: Best International Drama

The Ebenezer Film Club is privileged to screen TRAFFIK in the presence of its Bafta & Cannes Festival-winning director, Alastair Reid, who will introduce the film and take questions.

We are proud to present TRAFFIK in its entirety. TRAFFIK is the 5 hour British mini-series that inspired the Hollywood block-buster, TRAFFIC (2000). Intricately detailed and emotionally devastating, TRAFFIK is a thoroughly engrossing mini-series that far surpasses its American derivative.

Commissioned by Channel 4, this is one of the very best dramas ever shown on British television.

Set in Pakistan, England and Germany, TRAFFIK explores the international heroin trade from the opium fields of Pakistan to the cities of Europe.


Bill Paterson, Lindsay Duncan, Julia Ormond, Talat Hussain,

Jamal Shah, Fritz Müller-Scherz, Tilo Prückner

The film exposes the subtle and pernicious forces which touch the lives of an ambitious British cabinet minister (Bill Patterson), appointed drug Czar, who discovers that his Oxbridge student daughter (Julia Ormond) is addicted to heroin; a Pakistani farmer forced to work for a ruthless drug lord; the unsuspecting wife (Lindsay Duncan) of a wealthy German drug smuggler who has just been imprisoned; and the policemen who pursue a vendetta against her.

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