Book Launch: Matilda Temperley's, OMO ~ Change in the Valley

This book illustrates the beauty and diversity of the people living in the Omo Valley, as well as bringing into focus the threat to their way of life

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Modernisation is inevitable, but in the Omo Valley it is largely at the expense of the inhabitants. Driven by a government keen to encourage multinational, industrialised farming the Valley’s inhabitants are being displaced.

Commercial farms combined with the new hydroelectric dam on the Omo River will have a potentially devastating impact on the ecology of both Ethiopia’s Omo Valley and Kenya’s Lake Turkana Basin. This striking collection of images is captioned with words from the subjects and is a stark reminder of the

casualties and complexities that we face in the modern world.

There will be Ethiopian nibbles & Burrow Hill cider, and an Ethiopian inspired Berbere soup in 2 versions – spicey and not..


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Oliver Bullough

Oliver Bullough worked for local newspapers in St Petersburg and Bishkek then for Reuters. He stayed in Moscow, mainly reporting on the war in Chechnya, until 2006. He now writes regularly for the Guardian, the New York Times, The New Statesman, The New Republic, and many other papers and journals. He edits the Caucasus service of the Institute of War and Peace Reporting.

He has written three books: Let Our Fame be Great, which won the Cornelius Ryan prize and was short listed for the Orwell prize; The Last Man in Russia, which was short listed for the Dolman prize; and Moneyland. He also runs Kleptocracy Tours in London.

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