Granny goes to Glastonbury, a photographic extravaganza, with Ann Cook, intro - Michael Eavis

Light-hearted, anthropologically seminal look at Glastonbury Festival, its devotees, eccentrics & performers in all their rich diversity

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For those who love the Glastonbury Festival & will miss it on this sabbatical year, & for all whose imaginations are sparked by the marvellous races of mankind and their mysterious rituals, customs and habits. “Why?” one wonders, “Which?” or “How?” or “What?”

Ann Cook has been taking photographs at the festival for over 20 years and has created a wonderful archive of material, essential for new fields of research in the anthropological and sociological sciences, a nationally significant record of delightful and deviant behaviours. With a terrific eye for the interesting, strange and bizarre, and a wry and humorous appreciation of humanity in all its forms, Ann has studied and enjoyed Glastonbury in exactly the same way that she approaches festivals in Bhutan or Morocco. Most of all, she says, she recognizes a striking similarity with India: the strange sounds, nomadic tent-dwellers, spicy food stalls and interesting toilet facilities. Her illustrated talk will be full of incident and experience, enlivened by many remarkable encounters as well as her stunning photographs.

Ann’s photographs have been published by the BBC, The Sunday Times Magazine, The New Statesman, The Geographical Magazine, the National Geographic Adventure Magazine and in many travel guides and educational works. She has explored and photographed many fascinating parts of the world, including Bhutan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Indochina, Indonesia, The Republic of Georgia, Cuba, Greece & Russia.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Photographers and a Member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers.

Ann Cook has exhibited widely.

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