Ebenezer is Moving! From the Chapel to the Seed Factory

A terrific opportunity to sprout, grow and blossom in a wonderfully atmospheric new space


We Ebenezers are tickled pink to announce our move from the Ebenezer Chapel in Burrowbridge to our fantastic new venue, just up the road in Aller. The Old Seed Factory offers us a terrific opportunity to sprout, grow and blossom in a wonderfully atmospheric new space. Our new home provides ample room to accommodate all our customary eccentricities and great potential for developing a few new ones.

Marie-Louise & Justin Chittenden have generously invited us to inhabit the cavernous top floor of their Old Seed Factory. We hope that all faithful Ebenezers will flock to our new home and will bring many new friends to enjoy our wonderful programme of events for the coming year. As ever, we will host leading authors, academics, ambassadors, photographers, musicians and film makers on a broad range of anthropological, artistic and cultural topics bringing some joyful stimulus to our muddy corner of the world.

All Ebenezers will feel extremely at home as we're bringing with us all our sofas, paintings, trophies, bearheads, and of course, the fêted Horriet, Ian's stuffed dog.

You'll be delighted to know that there will be no more muddy parking! There will be proper disabled access, a grand piano, more room, and we're saving up for a new spiffing, up to the minute HD projector. We'll have the same massive screen but you won't have to sit so close. The floor is a lot less draughty, and the loos are not down in a dungeon.

We look forward to welcoming you there for a fantastic Ebenezer bash when our favourite band, House of Trees, will launch us in our new space (flyer to follow).

This year we'll be inviting you to become a Friend of the Ebenezer for £25. This will entitle you to put the letters FOE after your name so that you can be both a Friend and Foe. We guarantee to throw one humdinger of a party for all our FOEs in early summer. The money will go towards our projector fund, and to help us procure the best possible speakers and entertainment for the future. We are also now looking for more substantial sponsorship and if anyone would like to help or has any ideas please contact us.

Happy New Year to all Ebenezers everywhere from...

Tony Anderson, Sarah Constantinides & Martin Keeley

2013Martin Keeley