Sergei Bondarchuk’s epic adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's WAR & PEACE

All 7 hours! A Sunday afternoon extravaganza of Film & Food, watching this Oscar winning Best Foreign Language Film 1968


In Russian with English Subtitles. Lavishly funded by the Soviet government, and made with full access to the nation's museums, historic buildings, and its human and technological resources.

Skilfully interweaving intimate drama with some of the most breathtaking battle scenes ever brought to the screen, the film relates the triumphs, tragedies and romances that affect the lives of two aristocratic families at the time of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.

With over 35,000 costumes, 120,000 extras, 178 separate scenes and 272 sets, War & Peace – fully restored – is a film-making spectacle on a truly unrivalled scale.

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2010Martin Keeley