Somerset: A View From The Hill, film & book, with Matilda Temperley

To celebrate the launch of Matilda Temperley's new book,'Somerset: A View From The Hill.' An illustrated talk followed by the documentary film about life in Somerset by film-makers, Lara Stower & Henry Temperley

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With Matilda's stunning photos, the book captures Somerset’s wonderful distinctiveness and documents many of the issues facing our rural communities. It includes portraits of the industries synonymous with the area such as elverers, peat-diggers, cheddar cheese makers, cider farmers and withy growers and reflects a rapidly changing landscape. Somerset’s alternative communities and unmissable annual celebrations also feature.

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The film, Somerset People:

"We set out to see if there was some sort of shared spirit of Somerset, some outlook or feeling that connected people that for the most part were complete strangers. This was both the joy and the challenge of the project.

So off we went, starting with a legendary cider maker then on to a resident artist at Glastonbury festival before meeting a man in his 80’s for whom roadkill is a big part of his diet... and so it continued throughout 2018.

It wasn’t until the edit that connections between these lives began to emerge. All of the people we met along the way shared a quiet, creative spirit of individuality and had worked hard to find a life that fulfilled them, often foregoing the trappings of modern society and the status quo. It seemed these deeply thoughtful people had gravitated towards Somerset or stayed there as it’s a place that not only allows but celebrates individuality. "

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