To celebrate Ian’s life: Party at Ebenezer Chapel 20th July - Please bring bottles!

Party starts Gin & Tonics at Ian’s grave, 7PM. Also celebrating Bede’s graduation


There will be live music and DJs

There will be food

There will be dancing

And photos, memories and good company...

Party starts at Ian's grave at 7pm

Please bring flowers

Back at the Chapel about 8.30...

By invitation only

And please bring bottles!



And to also celebrate...

... the world's ongoing struggle to be cheerful!


Ebenezer what a geezer

Sailing down the sound of Jura

Shorts of pink and dangly bollocks

Find a boat and fill the rowlocks

Kabul rubble it’s a doddle

Puff the stuff of hubble bubble

Chapel packed with posh boy swaggers

Doggie stuffed by canine shaggers

Kiss a woman who’s been smoking

Tastes as good as full on toking

Life you live it to the fullest

Love you dig it to the deepest

Time is rich for he who takes it

By the throat and never fakes it

Burn the candle both end do it

Push it, rush it, make it, screw it

Non one’s life will last forever

So walk the path of intense pleasure

By Bridget McConville

2013Martin Keeley