A Stained Glass Landscape, with Thomas Denny

Tom is one of the world's leading stained glass artists


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Over the last thirty years he has placed stained glass windows in many of our greatest cathedrals and churches. His work is lauded internationally and as The Economist put it, 'When a cathedral needs a new stained-glass window, Tom Denny’s telephone rings.' Economist article - Alive and Glowing.

Tom's great windows are predominantly based on Scriptural themes. Landscape imagery recurs frequently in the Bible, and perhaps forms the most persistent element in Tom's work. This talk will be illustrated with many slides from several recent stained-glass projects, emphasizing the connections between the buildings and the landscapes which surround them.

Tom has made windows for many extraordinary places, including the greatest building in the world (Durham Cathedral, in case of any uncertainty), Hereford and Gloucester Cathedrals, and such lovely parish churches as Bolton Percy, Martley, Leigh, Woodford, Stutton.

There is no mistaking a Denny window. His glass, now to be seen in about 30 churches and cathedrals in Britain, lives and moves like no one else’s. Rather than restricting his colours to separate pieces of glass confined in regimenting leads, he lets them sweep through the whole window with elemental, glowing power.

Tom Denny started out as a painter and his painterly concerns are evident in all his work.

Looking at a Denny window, exploring the textures and light in it, you feel you have stepped into a landscape transformed by light. The detail is extraordinary.


Thomas Denny was born in London in 1956, and studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art.

His first window went into a Scottish church in 1983. And commissions have flowed ever since

He lives with his wife, Benita, and family in Belchalwell, Dorset, where the Blackmore Vale meets the Downs. He walks every day in a landscape that inspires his work.

2013Martin Keeley