First event at the Seed Factory: House of Trees - Live Music with Sweden's hottest export

Grand Opening!! Ebenezer comes to the Seed Factory!

HOUSE OF TREES: Scandinavia's HoTTEST Band


HoT will be playing songs from their spellbinding new CD, Where's the Butcher, Where's the Baker.

Sold out on their current tour of the UK, they've been mesmerising audiences with their heady blend of crooked jazz melodies, twisted folk and dark blues with a pinch of classical, and they’ve been getting ecstatic reviews:

"Vocalist Djamila Skoglund-Voss, guitarist and composer Rob Coe and violinist Sarah Anderson were on top form as they produced a scintillating and undeniably enthralling set which left the audience spell-bound and feeling on cloud nine. There is something almost serene in hearing a voice that is just incredible being flanked by a guitar being played with the gentleness usually afforded a surgeon performing skilled surgery and the sound of a violin that floats through the air, over the tables and into the damp evening air with the grace of a kestrel. That is what the audience were treated to. This was what Djamila Skogland-Voss offered, a voice that just played with the ears gently and took them on a journey to a place that rarely gets visited ....pure bliss. With tracks from their latest album, “Where’s The Butcher, Where’s The Baker?”, making up the majority of songs during the two sets, this was a night of passion, of incredible singing and playing. “ Liverpool Sound & Vision


House of Trees

HoT is based deep in the Swedish forest, hidden in a bewitching landscape: the influence of the climate and the woods seeps through their music. The lyrics are wonderfully strange and original, the playing sublime and entirely their own. And on tours to the UK and all over Europe, they venture forth to hone their songs on the road.

This will be the third gig they have played for the Ebenezers – the first two were completely sold out and made HoT many devoted new fans who didn’t want to let them go. We were bowled over by songs that ranged from the thrilling & powerful drama of “Burn it Down” - inspired by the London riots - to “For the Fisherman”, perhaps the most evocative & hypnotic song of the sea we’ve ever heard. **House of Trees** are most definitely on the brink of big things. Over the next few months they can be seen playing clubs and festivals throughout Europe and the UK, so come and catch them while you can and join us to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Ebenezers at the Seed Factory!!!


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