NOSTROMO - from the novel by Joseph Conrad, a televisual masterpiece in 4 parts, with director Alastair Reid

In the prescence of its BAFTA and Palme d'Or winning director ALASTAIR REID who will introduce his work and take questions


Regular Ebenezers will remember last year’s showing of Alastair Reid’s TRAFFIK, a wonderful tribute to an enduring triumph of British television.

We are privileged that Alastair will once again join us for his NOSTROMO which has a stellar cast including: Colin Firth, Claudia Cardinale, Albert Finney, Serena Scott-Thomas, Claudio Amendola, Brian Dennehy, Joaquim de Almeida. The score, by the legendary Ennio Morricone, is a masterpiece itself.

NOSTROMO is an allegorical tale of loyalty & honour, obsession & love, set in the fictional South American country of Costaguana in the 1890s. An Englishman, Charles Gould (Colin Firth), re-opens a defunct silver mine inherited from his murdered father...

Gould believes that the mine's wealth can stabilise Costaguana after years of misrule. But mayhem erupts afresh in the country as the mine ignites the conflict between local warlords and revolutionaries. Gould struggles to keep the mine open and his hopes for progress in Costaguana alive as his marriage disintegrates. Eventually, Gould takes the fateful decision to entrust a great cache of silver to the charismatic Nostromo (Claudio Amendola) who is widely believed to be incorruptible...

Nostromo is a richly woven story, a conflict of personalities, of ideas and ideals, entirely shot on location in Colombia and beset by trials and dramas worthy of Werner Herzog. It is one of the largest productions ever mounted by the BBC, co-financed by RAI in Italy, TVE in Spain and WBGH in the USA.

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2011Martin Keeley