Cinema Sunday with Pizza & Prosecco - The Legend of Barney Thomson

The deliciously macabre black comedy, The Legend of Barney Thomson, directed by and starring Robert Carlyle... with oven fresh pizza

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Carlyle plays Barney Thomson, a lank-haired, socially inept barber from the Glasgow backstreets, who falls under the suspicion of Glasgow policemen, Ray Winstone & Tom Courtenay...

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Someone is abducting young men, killing them, and posting carefully selected body parts to their relatives from carefully selected Scottish tourist spots...

At times like this, it’s natural for a boy to turn to his mother: the uproariously against-type Emma Thompson is scalpel sharp as Cemolina, a gargoyle with a fondness for leopard print, a complexion like a well-squeezed tea bag and a pitch-perfect angle-grinder of an accent. It's not quite clear if the bingo-loving septuagenarian is Barney's saviour or his downfall as the plot reveals her own secret.

Based on a novel by Douglas Lindsay – the first of seven Barney Thomson stories – the film was shot in Glasgow, with the city a vibrant, timeless backdrop to a bruise-black story told with page-turning energy.

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