Gun Baby Gun: A journey into the world of the gun, with Iain Overton

"A brilliantly researched journey, capturing the gun's strangely accepted place in human life and, far too often, death" - JON SNOW

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Award-winning investigative journalist and author Iain Overton to talk about his new book, Gun Baby Gun, a riveting account of his descent into the dark world of the gun, its trade, and its far-reaching, often shattering, impact on our world today.

Gun Baby Gun took Iain Overton to more than 25 countries on a shocking and eye-opening journey, from lawless South Africa, Honduras and Cambodia to peacefully gun-toting Iceland and staggeringly suicidal Switzerland.

Meeting people affected by guns from all walks of life – porn starlets who appear as snipers in XXX films, Zionist anti-terror gun trainers, El Salvadorean gangland killers, South African doctors soaked in the blood of gunshot victims - as well as the lobbyists and manufacturers who seem to have a stranglehold on international policy. He unearths some hard truths about the terrible realities of war and gun crime. It is an incredibly timely book and lecture - given the recent appalling Charleston Church shootings.

There are almost one billion guns across the globe today – more than ever before. There are 12 billion bullets produced every year – almost two bullets for every person on this earth. And as many as 500,000 people are killed by them every year worldwide.

The gun’s impact is huge and often hidden. And it doesn’t just involve the dead, the wounded, the suicidal and the mourning. It involves us all.

Iain has been held at gunpoint 3 times in the course of his work. With jaw dropping anecdotes, illustrations and statistics, he will present a worldwide picture of how things are and tell us what can be done about it.

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Iain Overton

Iain is Director of Investigations at the London-based charity Action on Armed Violence and an investigative journalist who has worked in over eighty countries around the world. Reporting from the killing zones of Colombia, Iraq and Somalia, as a filmmaker Iain has made films for the BBC, ITN and Al Jazeera, as well as working with the Guardian, the Independent and The Sunday Times.

His journalism has won a Peabody Award, two Amnesty Awards and a BAFTA, among others. He was founding editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. In this role he oversaw many award winning investigations, including the Wikileaks Iraq War Logs. He also lectures and gives public talks on human rights reporting and other related matters. Gun Baby Gun is his first book. He went to Cambridge, and from 1997-1998 took an MPhil in International Relations at Gonville & Caius College, where his dissertation was later turned into a Channel 4 film, The Crucified Soldier, in the Secret History series.

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The Independent: "This book is more than just facts; it’s insight and revelation on a very human level."

Newsweek : "A shocking investigation into our fatal love affair with the firearm"

Spectator : "Relentlessly engrossing"

Charlie Burton GQ : "A gripping book that's as disturbing as it is enlightening"

Financial Times : "Adventurous, ambitiously tracing the often devastating impact of guns around the world . . . punctuated with thoughtful discussions on issues such as the second amendment to the US constitution, and women's attitudes towards guns, and contains moments of great poignancy"

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