Matters arising, with Alexander Waugh

An evening of music and musing

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Alexander Waugh

A talk from behind the keys...

The Ebenezer is thrilled to welcome Alexander Waugh for an evening of rigorously structured yet totally improvised musical entertainment, reminiscence and philosophy. Alexander will bring his many talents to bear on all... matters arising.

When asked to describe the form the entertainment might take, Alexander said:-

"Let's call the talk "Matters Arising" and make it an iconoclastic look at life - politics, sex, religion, books, music, business, family - all that sort of thing, framed by a kind of autobiography that explains who the hell I am, what I am doing with my life and why I have come to think the way I think."

Alexander is a multi-award winning author, musician, Grammy-nominated record producer, tv presenter, impresario, and director of the Evelyn Waugh estate.

He is also opera critic for The Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard and was voted Opera Critic of the Year by Classic FM Magazine. His book Classical Music, A New Way of Listening has been translated into fourteen languages.

2010Martin Keeley