Creating a Vegetable Garden (With notes on Spring Planting), with Charles Dowding

Master gardener, Charles Dowding with his new book, How to Create a New Vegetable Garden, and learn of the latest experiments from our own favourite gardening guru

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See Charles’ website for more information and some fabulous photos of vegetables!

Charles will discuss ways to clear weedy ground, the pros & cons of various suitable mulches, how to create an “instant garden” when using compost as mulch - and much, much more. All illustrated with fertile photos from his wildly productive garden at Homeacres near Shepton Mallet – created from scratch out of weedy pasture.

As well as supplying shops and restaurants with organic vegetables all year round, Homeacres has evolved as a tremendous local resource – a great teaching garden from which Charles runs regular courses. And when not growing and teaching, he writes constantly for national gardening publications.

He has authored 7 books, made 7 films and lectures all around the country and abroad. His theme, he says, is simple: **how to grow more with less effort**. His magnificent plants and vegetables, his passion for his art, his constant desire to experiment and improve, all make him the most informative and enjoyable of gardening gurus.

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Charles Dowding

Charles has been growing organic vegetables for three decades, with a “no dig” approach to his soils. He has managed four different market gardens over the years and his articles, books, lectures and courses have made him one of this country’s most popular and respected gardening experts.

Charles Dowding’s books include:

Organic Gardening the Natural, No Dig Way; Salad Leaves for All Seasons; How to Grow Winter Vegetables; Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Course; Charles Dowding’s Veg Journal; Gardening Myths; Creating a New Vegetable Garden..

Charles will have signed copies of his books for sale at special Ebenezer knock-down prices!

And – if he can spare any – he will also bring a small selection of plants and salads for sale. There may even be some with our seasonal supper soups!

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