Pigspurt’s Daughter with Daisy Campbell

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Ebenezer is delighted to welcome Daisy Campbell for her homage/rip-off /piss-take/celebration of her father's work.

Ken Campbell was one of the most original, eccentric, insane, provocative and creative minds British theatre has ever produced.

“The only time I feel like dusting down the term ‘genius’, in the pure sense of an influential demonic character, is when I'm confronted by a great Ken Campbell show.” (Michael Coveney, Observer)

He directed the longest play ever staged, The Warp. His version of Macbeth in pidgin English was a comic masterpiece. He gave early starts to leading actors like Bill Nighy and Jim Broadbent. He produced work at the Royal Court, the Festival Hall, at the RSC, with the National under Trevor Nunn and was asked by Mark Rylance, artistic director of The Globe, to stage a celebration of Shakespeare’s work at the Globe (‘Shall we shog?’) He appeared in many television shows including Till Death Do Us Part and Fawlty Towers and was considered the grand old man of the fringe...

The original Pigspurt, (part of the “Buy Bald Trilogy” with “Recollections of a Furtive Nudist”, and “Six Pigs from Happiness”), was reputed to have made many people ill through excessive laughter.

Ken Campbell

Having grown up repeatedly watching her father Ken Campbell’s one-man shows (cheaper than a babysitter), Daisy Campbell is now marking the 10 year anniversary of her dad’s death with a Campbellian monologue of her own.

“Pigspurt’s Child” follows Daisy’s surreal quest to go farther than her father – when Pigspurt (the daemonic side of Ken’s personality) is summoned by Daisy through an accidental act of gastromancy (the rectal invocation of dead spirits), there’s no telling what he might goad her to do.

This is both a romp through Ken’s legacy of lunacy, and a quest for Daisy to make peace with the gap he has left.

Features: daemonic goading orificular balance Cathars present shock gastromantical invasion Dark Ages Ripped-off Ken Campbell monologues

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