What happened to Shakespeare? New discoveries on the Bard entombed with Alexander Waugh

The Ebenezers are delighted to welcome Alexander Waugh with his enthralling new investigation: what happened to Shakespeare?

Alexander Waugh

Two years ago Alexander Waugh published his theory claiming that unnoticed for 400 years, the monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, contains a veiled riddle and its answer. Together they reveal that Shakespeare now lies buried, not at Stratford-upon-Avon, as the world has come to believe, but alongside Beaumont, Chaucer and Spenser in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey.

Now he presents a stunning corroboration, ingeniously enciphered in the title-page and dedication-page of SHAKESPEARES SONNETS (1609). With evidence that will challenge even the most persistent and determined of cipher skeptics, he will show how the very city, the very parish, the exact church within that parish, the exact part of that church and the exact spot within that part of that church where Shakespeare is really buried, are all brilliantly concealed behind the seemingly innocent facade of these two pages.

This talk was first given at the Globe Theatre, London, in 2017, followed by presentations in Chicago and at Brunel University. For Ebenezer, Waugh has updated his talk with exciting new material and a splendid new animated screen presentation.

Alexander Waugh

.... read music at Manchester University and was employed as Chief Opera Critic for the Mail on Sunday (1990- 91) and of the Evening Standard from (1991-96). In addition to books on classical music and opera he has written Time (1999), God (2002) and Fathers and Sons (2004) a portrait of the male relations in his own family, which he presented as a 90-minute documentary film on BBC 4 (2005).

His stage-musical Bon Voyage! (co-written with his brother Nathaniel) won the 12th Vivian Ellis Award for Best New Musical and in 1999 he conceived a folding book which won a Design Council Millennium award for innovative British design.

In 2006 he presented a BBC4 documentary about the piano and in 2008 published The House of Wittgenstein, a book about the one-armed pianist, Paul Wittgenstein, and his philosopher brother, Ludwig. In 2015 he published Shakespeare in Court a legal assault on authorship complacency. From 2010-2017 he served as Non-Executive Director of a FTSE 250 company.

He is General Editor of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh, a scholarly 43-volume edition for the Oxford University Press, and co-editor of The New Shakespeare Allusion Book to be published next year. He is Senior Visiting Fellow of the University of Leicester, has served as Honorary President of the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition since 2013 and Chairman of the De Vere Society from 2016. He has three children and lives in Somerset.

Shakespeare Grace Stratford-upon-Avon
William Shakespeare's Portrait