About Ebenezer

What we do

Ebenezer Presents is an events partnership that has been offering lectures, films, theatre and music to the community for over 12 years. We stage between 2 & 4 events a month to an audience of up to 130, in the large-beamed, upper floor of The Seed Factory in Aller.

We offer events that cover a wide range of cultural interests, for an audience drawn from all over the West Country. Over 10,000 people subscribe to our email list, eagerly anticipating what’s coming up on our varied and often surprising programme. If you’re new to us, browse through All Events to get a small glimpse of the programmes our audiences have enjoyed.

How Ebenezer began

Ebenezer Presents began in 2004 at the Ebenezer Chapel in Burrowbridge, the lovingly restored home of Ian Constantinides, Ebenezer’s founder.

Hugely sociable, he created a cinema and lecture theatre in the old chapel itself and loved to open his home to all kinds of gatherings: ‘You have to make your own fun round here!’ was his maxim and has become Ebenezer’s.

Ian Constantinides

Ian Constantinides

Ian was a leading light in architectural restoration, working on projects like the British Museum and Windsor Castle, so the original talks were architectural. But soon a demand grew for unusual films and a broader basis for lectures – culture in the broadest sense, encompassing art history, politics, history... with some cabaret, pop-up opera and parties thrown in.

Sadly, Ian died in 2013 and his beloved Chapel had to be sold but in an extraordinary stroke of good fortune we were invited to the Seed Factory in early ‘14 and the three remaining Ebenezers – Tony Anderson, Sarah Constantinides, and Martin Keeley carried on.

We have established ourselves very well in our new home and Ebenezer is still mainly run by the three of us who give our time to keeping the show on the road, investing the year-round care and attention that any organisation needs – as well as having a lot of fun!

We are ably and generously supported by Wanda Holdsworth in the kitchen, Marie-Louise & Justin Chittenden who own the Seed Factory and are very kind to Ebenezer, and Rupert Little who does the lights and helps with technical stuff. There are many other people involved as well, local people who give time, expertise and equipment to making something happen without tangible reward. Because the event is the thing. And none of it happens by magic.

If you’d like to help keep Ebenezer events going, consider becoming a Sponsor or a Friend of Ebenezer.